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Not your typical seafood restaurant. Krab Queenz Seafood has become one of the most popular social media-driven seafood restaurants in the United States. The Krab Queenz restaurants offer a casual atmosphere with a Louisiana flair to a variety of dishes. Offering superior guest experience, quality and succulent dishes, and a fun atmosphere with a live DJ on its most popular nights. Becoming a leader in the most respected seafood restaurant industry. Krab Queenz was the first to combine Seafood and Daiquiris into its brand name while giving the guest a thrill of a variety of over-the-top daiquiris and drink experiences.

Krab Queenz Started back in 2017 by Founder/ CEO Tonique Clay in Baton Rouge, La, with two locations. Born in Mississippi yet raised in Louisiana, she considers herself Country Cajun. Through much of Tonique’s hard work and dedication of creating the menu of recipes and daiquiri blends herself, she aims to ensure the business has a menu of the finest quality of Louisiana flavor. Her husband, daughter Toni, sister, team, and herself turned a small seafood restaurant into a thriving business.

Partnering with a social media influencer to broaden her audience , she quickly expanded to additional cities.. Expanding in cities such as Houston, Texas, with a long line of eager seafood lovers, became common. 


She has expanded the business to include Merchandise and retail food products such as her famous butter sauces, daiquiri mixes, and seasonings, to name a few. Tonique plans to continue growing the company and bring edible happiness to people throughout the United States and potentially other parts of the globe. Today Krab Queenz Seafood’s succulent seafood dishes have become local favorites. After one visit, you will understand why there is hype and people from all over keep coming back for more.

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